Welcome to Beta Magazine. We are a climbing, outdoors and adventure community magazine, focused on the female experience but inclusive of all. Please do say hello and connect with us via our socials or email us directly. You can support us via Patreon and our Etsy shop.

We are a climbing, outdoors and adventure magazine focused on the female experience but inclusive of all. People from all walks of life, backgrounds and identities are well and truly welcome at Beta Magazine. Our contributors share their thoughts and ideas with kindness and sensitivity and our magazine is released twice a year. 

Our Story

In 2020, our Co-Founder and Editor Emily Ankers conducted a Masters by Research degree about 'Everyday' Women's Experiences of Climbing and Wellbeing. During that research, Emily asked women participants what they thought of climbing media. They told her that they don't engage with climbing media. They said it was too elitist, it didn't represent them or their interests and they hardly ever saw a normal climber. 

As a result, Beta Magazine was established alongside Annie Martin and Catherine Evans. Since, we have gone through some changes and are now run by a fantastic team of volunteers of create, write, edit, proof read, design, layout and offer invaluable feedback. Nat Moore and Immy Sykes are now part of our core team.

We operate as a not-for-profit and all contributions that you will read have been created voluntarily. We’d really like to use the funds that we raise to create a pot of money which can be used to provide access for people to climbing and other adventurous opportunities. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what this might look like, but ideas include funding spaces on leadership training courses and qualifications, introductory courses, gear grants and learning opportunities. A major thing for us wanting to be able to pay our contributors - which we’re still working towards. This is why we charge for Beta Magazine. We believe that those who are able to afford it should be contributing towards creating opportunities for those less able to afford them. 

Beta Magazine's Core Values: 

- Provide a safe, non-judgemental and welcoming platform for community members to share their experiences, stories and conversations important to them relating to climbing and the outdoors. So long as you practise kindness, you are welcome. 

- Beta Magazine is suitable for climbers, outdoors folk and adventurers operating at all levels. We are for people at all levels of experience and ability. 

- Beta Magazine was first established with a focus on gender inequality and female experiences, as we recognise that we are far from equitable gender relations. We are living in a scary political and social climate where we see historically marginalised genders receiving discrimination. Beta Magazine is a safe space for people of all genders. Everyone is welcome, and we will do everything we can to keep you safe within the Beta Magazine community. Hatred is will not be tolerated. 

- We want to encourage more folk to get outdoors and active in whatever way they choose. 
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